Jenny Burton and Julia Wade

with (from left) Freedom Bremner, Brian Collazo, Tanesha Gary, Elle Green

(from left) Solange Prat, Jonathan Singletary, Anne Fraser Thomas

The CD

Mastered by Phil Klum Mastering, NYC
CD Graphics by Renee Gannon
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link
Link Recording Studios, Summit, NJ

Produced By

William Spencer Reilly - Executive Director
Andrew Levine, Managing Director
Lou Giovino, Marketing Associate
Kyle Leacock, Front of House Manager
Mary Ann Randazzo, Executive Assistant & Office Manager


Concert Production Staff

Peter Link, Director
Dell Howlett, Choreographer
Celisse Henderson, Vocal Arranger
Margaret Dorn, Vocal Arranger
Phil Monat, Lighting Designer
William Barclay, Video Set Designer
Gil Sperling, Video Tech and Designer
Stefan Bensaid, Live Sound Mixer
Jeff Cubeta, Rehearsal Pianist

About Is Anybody Listening?

Just imagine a musical experience designed to lift people’s thought to a higher sense of awareness and healing countering the downward pull of negative energies we all encounter in the world today.

Is Anybody Listening? is a clarion call to the world to pay attention. Once we’ve got your attention, we take an in depth and inspiring look at how these issues can be healed spiritually by inspiring mankind to live in a higher state of consciousness.

It’s a Concert and Webcast, designed as a live concert piece that premiered, Live from New York, September 22nd of 2016 and ran for 4 performances through October 4th.

The production featured the award-winning performances of Jenny Burton and Julia Wade along with a cast of 7 top NY vocalists and the music of million selling record producer and composer, Peter Link.

We videotaped the last two shows. This is the live sound track from those two performances plus a bonus song written and recorded since.

With New Bonus Song on the Polarization of America

"Is Anybody Listening" continues to expand into new territories.  This past summer Peter Link wrote and produced two more songs for the project – “Let’s Talk”, dealing with the Polarization of America, and “On My Way Home”, dealing with Immigration.  We plan to continue to address the issues facing us every day in the headlines of our newspapers in musical terms, building a library of Inspirational material designed to raise consciousness regarding many of the world problems that we all face.  We decided to include “Let’s Talk” in this CD package as a new bonus since it is such a prevalent issue in today’s world.  Stay tuned!