Peter Link

CEO & Creative Director

Peter is best known for his work as a composer and music producer in NYC. His work on and off Broadway earned him a wall of awards including a Gold Record, a Drama Desk Award, several Tony Nominations, and a stint in NY Public Theater as Joe Papp’s resident composer. For two decades Link Recording Studio has been the musician’s choice in NYC for recording and mixing independent music productions. In addition to Peter’s ten albums licensed to Watchfire Music, he has more than 1,000 inspirational songs in his publishing catalogue available for future WM content. To find out more about Peter’s music please visit his artist page on WFM.


Julia Wade

& Director of DSM

Julia began her career with Watchfire Music as a Recording Artist and soon became interested in the business as she watched it develop at a rapid pace. Very early on, Ms. Wade saw the need and the opportunity for Watchfire Music to provide a comprehensive Digital Sheet Music store on and brought her idea to the company. Ms. Wade was given seed money and set free to build a page on Julia is also a Classical Crossover artist whose work spans many different musical styles from Classical to Broadway to Pop. She has performed nationally and internationally in opera, cabaret, concert work, and musical theatre, including The Rome Opera and Carnegie Hall. To find out more about her music, please visit her artist page on WFM.


Inspirational Music

to brighten your life and enliven your soul.

We are a trans-denominational music company.
We embrace all spiritual ideas but promote no religious theology.

Our Inspirational music spans all cultures, religions and people.
We believe that all people have inside of themselves
truth, life, love, spirit, soul.
And so we serve all mankind.

And how? With simple “feel good” music.
A love song can be an Inspirational song:

“I got up this morning and I feel good”
is an Inspirational lyric.

We have no doctrine to preach, no mission to serve
except to offer positive value in our music and lyrics.

“I have seen Him in the watch fires
Of a hundred circling camps” *

It is our mission only to be a gathering of light.

*from “Battle Hymn of the Republic” Lyrics by Julia Ward Howe

A Note from Peter Link

It has impressed me this morning, as I write, to review this statement written nearly ten years ago. I’m grateful to say that it still holds &irm. It is the statement of our mission in life and we work every day to see that this credo is followed to the “T”.

It also strikes me that as we have evolved over these past years, that “giving” has been our constant doing. Both my partner, Julia Wade, and I deeply believe this and try to manage our lives around this life concept. So in Watch&ire Music we see our opportunity to give and give and give.

Fast approaching our tenth year in the business of serving our constituency, we find ourselves, once again, reevaluating our position in the world. Experiencing continual growth through the worst crash in the history of the music business has constantly reminded us that our objectives are valued and that we’re on the right track. From the beginning we saw Watchfire Music as an organization that would unify spiritual thought in the world and open world thought to a more inclusive gathering of truth – especially when so many religions tend to be exclusive.

This has been our daily mission – through music, to inspire deeper thought on the values of spirituality here on Planet Earth. We receive letters from people around the world nearly every day giving gratitude and attesting the success of this mission. Watchfire Music serves.

Our website,, serves over 50 artists and 300 composers in bringing their inspiring music to the world. Selling over 11,000 individual products through some 3000 pages, our company flourishes because of a dedicated virtual staff located around the world.

We have found, as artists and musicians, that music leads us up the mountain by many paths. In our quest for truth, we know that truth comes to the human race in many languages, many means and many styles. We do not claim to have a corner on the market. We understand truth to be a universal language that can be expressed in a variety of ways. In our experience, we have chosen the universal language of music for our expression.

This is what Watchfire Music is all about.