On My Way Home – A New Song

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“Is Anybody Listening?” continues to develop and evolve. Looking at the issues that we all face as a people going forward, we decided to explore the issue of immigration. What better way to do this than to put myself into the shoes of one actually going through the experience? Though this lyric is of my imagination, it comes from a deep research into 5 or 6 heartbreaking stories of modern day immigrants that I found exploring the Internet.

The song itself is a tour de force soaring and heartfelt performance sung by one man who represents so many experiences.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know him.

On My Way Home
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Enter a man, either Middle Eastern or North African, dressed in an expensive subtly pinstriped suit, white dress shirt, no tie. He’s elegant and from all manner looks to have been a most successful business man, however his suit is filthy, perhaps torn, his shirt has been on his back for days and is dirty and stained, and a rough stubble completes his unshaven presence.


Look at this face
Look at these dirty clothes
Look at these worn out shoes
Ah yes, I’m one of those
Just look at this face
Look at these filthy clothes
Look at these worn out shoes

I come to you by land, by sea
On foot, I come
By raft, I come
A refugee
I seek your asylum
A cup of your kindness
I come from a place of nothing but blindness

I run for my life
A flight into exile
A fugitive from the heart of darkness
My lot in life, yes, a refugee
My future, so far, unknown
I live in a chaos that spans the world

I look to find my family
I search to find the man I used to be

I know so well this road of desperation
I carry what little hope that’s left
In my frail imagination

And I carry my past life
In this pack up on my back
I carry my past life
In a sack

With all that I’ve worked for
All that I’ve fought for
And all that I’ve lived for

Here am I
A man of no place
Lost out here in space
But on my way home

Look at these hands
So sad what this life can bring
Look at these wasted hands
These hands that have built such things

And look in this heart
This heart of a worthwhile man
Look at this broken heart

I offer you a man of dignity
A fruitful life I’ve lived
But now, a refugee
I seek your asylum
I seek your compliance
I beg you renounce your thoughts of defiance

What I’ve left behind …
A life of such promise
A family with its long traditions
But along the way, yes, I’ve let them go
My future, so far, unknown
To live now in peace is my only need

Each night before I sleep I ask
What wrong I must have done that brought me here
I cannot find the answer to this question
I carry this damning pain of guilt

Like a rancorous obsession
And so I run from my past life
Yeah, from one to the next
Confused and disheartened
So perplexed …

And all that I’ve loved now
And all of my dreams now
My life as I knew it

Here am I
A man of no place
Lost out here in space
But on my way home

I come to you, a man
Trying to stay alive
Trying my best to survive
While I’m on my way home
I’m goin’ home
Lookin’ for a new home
Yes I’m on my way home

Yeah I’m goin’ home
I’m goin’ home
Ooh I’m goin’ home
I’m goin’ home