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Jennifer Nubel presents poems by Mary Baker Eddy set to classical music from Bach to Bizet. Jennifer crafts these highly accessible solos using skills and insights gained from her years of experience as church organist, accompanist, and ensemble singer. The study tracks employ ‘realistic singer rubato’ for easy singing along.

Sheet Music in the Category: VOCAL SOLOS

Christ My Refuge Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample

Lovely and tuneful, this arrangement includes music arranged from two Schumann piano pieces. Simplify the accompaniment by playing only beat notes, or realizing the basic guitar chords. Length of song: 3'17"
Christmas Morn Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Lilting meter, lively & tuneful; added interludes give extra breathing time. Pretty 6/8 part. A few measures of accompaniment have improvisatory feel. 2’30”
Communion Hymn Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Stately ‘Bist du bei mir’ music; added ‘recitative interludes’ accommodate the fifth phrases of the poem stanzas. Perfect for a Communion service. 2’45”
Feed My Sheep Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Soothing. Dramatic, 'climbing' second section and reverent, major-key ending. Short piano interludes are added in this revised edition. 3’05”
Love Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Energetic while melodic; includes a faster, waltz-like second section; the penultimate section is new, dramatic material followed by a recitative & then the joyful ending. 4’10”
Mothers Evening Prayer Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Carol tune 'March of the Kings’; dramatic middle. Simplified acc for final carol rendition is included in score & study track (sample includes some, too). 4’00”
Satisfied Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Lovely, soaring. 'Challenging but rewarding' acc may be simplified by tying repeated eighth notes in the LH chords. One 'All Voices' edition (optional notes indicated). 3’15”
Seek Ye the Truth Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample

Tyrone King’s poem, used with permission from the copyright holder, is set to an arrangement using Frédéric Chopin’s elegant ‘Largo’. One edition/key. 3’17”




Jennifer Nubel, composer and church organist, has a bachelor’s degree in choral-general and instrumental music, with piano concentration (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana), and a master’s degree in music education (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois). She played a brass instrument called the baritone horn (or euphonium) from middle school through post-college, and believes this gave her a terrific sense of bass line as well as of melody (i.e, the baritone horn, like cello, plays both). In vocal work, Jennifer especially enjoys the ‘magic’ that happens when a soloist, singing along with the accompaniment, brings a solo fully to life.


“…Thanks so much for including me as you bring forth these new solos.  You are getting quite a collection, and all are listenable and singable. ~Ann L., Aurora, Illinois”

“…I can't let the week go by without telling you how much I enjoyed the solo at church last week. Words cannot describe the awe I felt listening. What a wonderful piece of music to set such familiar words to - can't go wrong with Bach, can you? This solo will go on my "Top Ten" list forever!" ~Jane B., Naperville, Illinois”

"… I meant to thank you after the service.  The solo was beautiful (which you arranged) in fact one of my favorites in recent years! Well done!" ~Kim H., Downers Grove, Illinois”

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