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Terry’s formative years were spent in small-town Oklahoma before moving on to study music at the Universities of Oklahoma and Illinois and to teach in suburban Chicago, LaCrosse WI, Tucson AZ, Emporia KS, and now Kansas City. He loves all types of music, especially classical. His favorite pastimes include reading, working with choirs, playing piano, and traveling.


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Sheet Music in the Category: VOCAL SOLOS

Feed My Sheep Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
“Shepherd, show me how to go,” speaks of our need to listen to God as we move through any challenges. The text is set to a plaintive melody that rises and falls gently. The piano part provides strong harmonic support for the melody. Organ also works effectively as accompaniment.
Gracious Spirit Dwell With Me Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Verses one and three of this heartfelt, touching poem ask divine Spirit to dwell within us and help us meet the challenges we encounter in our daily walk. The final section is a musical return to the melody and harmonies found in Section I. The three/four meter should flow at a quarter note = 120 rather than plod along slowly.
Love Does Guide Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
No matter how difficult the challenges we face may be, divine Love’s angels are there to guide us, lift us up. We can find peace and harmony. A gentle three-beat feel in section I and the rise and fall of its phrases give place to expansive harmonies and a strong climax in section II. Organ also works effectively as accompaniment.
O Gentle Presence Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
The title, “O Gentle Presence,” is a re-wording of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem, “Mother’s Evening Prayer.” Praying with/singing this text, we can know that God, divine Love, is our refuge, our child’s refuge. Verses one, three, and five of the poem are set to the same expressive melody. Verse three is marked by a contrasting accompaniment consisting of bell-like chords. Verses two and four offer musical contrast to the other verses—striking changes of tonal centers. The work is unified by a return in verse five to the same accompaniment pattern found in verse one.
Take My Life and Let It Be Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A familiar text to untold thousands of people, this setting features a gentle rise and fall of the same melody in verses one and three with a contrasting melody in verse two. We are asking God to take our lives, our moments, our hands, our feet, voices, lips, thoughts, and love and use them to serve and glorify him/her every moment.

Sheet Music in the Category: CHORAL MUSIC

Of The Fathers Love Begotten Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
This SSAATTBB choral arrangement of a 13th-century plainsong (chant) is striking in its simplicity. It features unison melody singing—first the men and then the women—over one continuously sung chord on a neutral syllable. If the low “E” (E2) second bass part is too low for one of your male singers, it can be eliminated without any harm to the overall spiritual quietness and intensity of the work. The resolution of the somewhat dissonant F-sharp in the next-to-last chord of the alto part, measure 33, to an E in the final chord should be followed by a long decrescendo into quietness.


“I love singing the solos you write.” (Judy B., Kansas City, MO)

“The music you write for our church services should be published.” (Pat D., Kansas City, MO)




Adjunct Professor of Music at the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Terry is editor of and contributor to his own choral music series published by Santa Barbara Music. He’s author of “Strategies for Teaching Junior High/Middle School Male Singers—Master Teachers Speak” (Santa Barbara Music) and co-author of “The Boy’s Changing Voice—New Solutions for Today’s Choral Teacher” (Alfred Music). He earned advanced degrees in music from the University of Illinois and the University of Oklahoma. He has conducted honor/festival choirs and presented workshops on the boys’ changing voice in 22 states. During his 23- year tenure at Emporia State University (KS), his choir toured Europe seven times. He has found an exciting and rewarding niche as a composer of inspirational music for soloists. Terry is listed in Who’s Who in American Education, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and Who’s Who in America. Currently, he resides in Kansas City, Kansas with his wife, Sue.

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