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Kate is an ever-changing, inspired composer. Whether she writes for orchestras, piano or voice, her ability and understanding in genres and writing styles are very special. From religious songs to popular music or music theatre, Kate’s writing has a depth and uniqueness that people identify with and love.

Sheet Music in the Category: VOCAL SOLOS

I Love Thee Lord Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
This song is a setting of words adapted from Psalm 19 in which David extols God as his strength, his fortress and his salvation.
Know God Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A command to first know God – His all-ness, greatness and goodness; and then to know us as His reflection.
Love Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A lyrical exploration of the enduring, selfless and powerful qualities born of love, adapted from I Corinthians: 13.
No Room Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Just as the people of Bethlehem struggled to find room for the infant Jesus to be born, do our busy lives crowd out the Christ? Or can we be receptive to this healing Truth?
Stillness Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A new view of the Nativity Story and how the quiet receptiveness of Mary, Joseph and those who witnessed the birth of Jesus can be found by us too.
The Gift Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
We can all share in the true meaning of Christmas, with the gifts of love and grace.




Born into a theatrical family, Kate grew up with a passion for music, drama and dance. After studying a double degree in Music and Drama, she pursued a career as a performer, which included shows all around the world, including London’s West End and the New Israeli Opera Chorus. Finally settling in Melbourne with Australian husband Philip Gould, also a performer and an ever-growing family (now complete with six children), Kate turned her attention more and more to the other side of the footlights – first directing and teaching and eventually writing and composing. Kate has been commissioned to write several poetic narratives for the Music In the Round Festival in Melbourne. Her musical “Shlobaglob” had a workshop performance at the Cardenia Theatre, and her songs have been performed around Melbourne and Australia including a special presentation at Chapel off Chapel, and have been aired on 3MBS, 3AW and JOY FM. They have also been heard at two Church Alive Summits, and recorded by husband Philip Gould. Kate has been soloist at several London Churches and also at 1st Church of Christ Scientist, Mount Waverley, but in recent years has taken over as pianist for the church.


“I have recently heard two songs 'Don't Go There' and 'Nice' written by Kate Gould. The songs make for compelling listening, with great words exploring aspects of personal struggle and fitting into the modern world. The music enhances the text and is beautifully composed for the voice. A rare talent!” - Associate Professor Merlyn Quaife AM, Coordinator of Classical Voice at Monash University

“WOW!!  I just got the chance to listen to the song--what incredible talent…I love your music and so wish we could get to hear you in person. I hope that many folks got to hear this beautiful piece.” -Diane Pauley, richdreams.com (United States of America)

LISTENER QUOTES for “Stillness”:

“Hello Kate......have been meaning to catch you at church, but I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful solo, "Stillness" that you composed.    I just love it, and have a printout and use it often........it makes me feel so peaceful and close to God......so thank you for it and all the inspiration that your music brings to our services.” -Leonie HS. (Melbourne Victoria)

“I am sitting in a car park, having just accessed 'Stillness' ... Such original lyrics and a special performance. Thank you for yet another valued sharing from you. So off I go into this day, armed with the timely message: 'Be still and know' ...” -Deidre Carkeek (Victoria Australia)

“I'm just writing to thank you very much for the beautiful song, which I've just listened to… It is truly inspiring!” -Linda Archibald (Victoria Australia)

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