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The solo settings of Brett Allen follow in the tradition of Classical Art Song, a style akin to chamber music where soloist and accompanist are more or less equal partners in delivering the message. Mr. Allen’s elegant compositions possess a unique harmonic language and lyricism stemming from his work as a symphonic violist.

Brett Allen’s style is highly accessible and has the timeless quality associated with all things classic.


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Sheet Music in the Category: BUNDLE

Crumbs of Comfort - Vocal Solos, Vol. I Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
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Christ My Refuge
The Lords Prayer
Communion Hymn
Feed My Sheep
The Mothers Evening Prayer
Psalm 8 - Organ
Psalm 8 - Piano**
**Psalm 8 is available in both organ and piano arrangements. The piano version is included as a bonus!

Sheet Music in the Category: VOCAL SOLOS

Christ My Refuge Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A tender and heartfelt rendering of Mary Baker Eddy’s immortal sentiment, “My prayer, some daily good to do To Thine for Thee…” This setting follows the unique progression of the text from prayerful expectation to the overflowing cup wherein one has no other desire than to bless others
Christmas Morn Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Mary Baker Eddy's gift to all is her clear delineation of the difference between Jesus and the Christ, timelessly expressed in her poem, Christmas Morn. Allen sets the words with simplicity of form and the stillness of a sparkling winter night.
Communion Hymn Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A rousing rendition of Mary Baker’s Eddy’s poem of hope and salvation, “Mourner, it calls you, --‘Come to my bosom, Love wipes your tears all away.” This setting incorporates a fragment of the tune “Faith” by G. O’Conner-Morris (#301 in the CS Hymnal), uniting the old with the new in a fascinating way.
Feed My Sheep Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Mary Baker Eddy’s classic exposition on Jesus’ words to Peter, “Feed my sheep,” set to a simple, childlike melody. At first the composer resisted bringing out this setting due to the simplistic, pentatonic nature the melody. As it turns out, it is his most popular setting!
Love Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Brett Allen completes his cycle of Mary Baker Eddy’s major poems with this lively setting of her poem, Love. Part prayer, part lesson, part exhortation, Mrs Eddy’s words inspire us to be true to this most fundamental yet least understood Christian concept. Allen couples a gliding melody with an energetic accompaniment. The opening gathers speed as if to take flight, and the closing is set to the key of prayer.
Psalm 8 Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Brett Allen’s setting of Psalm 8 is a journey from uncertainty and doubt to a soaring affirmation of man’s God-given dominion over all the earth. As the music progresses, listeners have the sensation of discovering - as if for the first time - their God-given dominion over all.
Audio recorded at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Columbus, OH. Performed by Susan Millard-Schwarz, Mezzo Soprano and Bruce Gilmore, Organ
Satisfied Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
Mary Baker Eddy’s comforting declaration of liberty from every form of adversity, affirmed in strongly accented tones, “Our God is good…And God is All.” At the words, “The centuries break…” tempo and meter shift into high gear, and the song ends with a joyous coda on the words, “Is satisfied.”
The Lords Prayer Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
A genuinely fervent and prayerful setting of our Master's immortal words, capturing both the submission and hope implied. Has a flavor of Renaissance vocal style. Encompasses a narrow vocal range easily accessible by any singer. Conceived by the composer on an early morning run into NYC on the NJ Turnpike. Note: Low and Medium versions are the same.
The Mothers Evening Prayer Buy Sheet Music More Details View Lyrics Listen to Sample
For the purpose of expressing Mary Baker Eddy’s reassuring words of safety under God’s care, composer Brett Allen employs an original hymn tune, “Sourland,” expressive of home and peace and rest. The Sourland Mountains region of central NJ is where Allen grew up and where his family history has deep roots.




Brett Allen has had a life-long career as a symphony orchestra musician. He is Assistant Principal Viola with the Columbus (OH) Symphony and a violist with the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra. Allen is a native of New Jersey and began playing violin at age 8. He has a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University, where he studied composition, and an Artist’s Diploma from the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Earlier in his career Allen was a member of the elite USAF Strolling Strings based in Washington, DC. His duties included entertaining at White House and State Department functions and touring worldwide. Later he played with the Sacramento Symphony and was Principal Violist with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (Ontario).

Allen is a published composer. His works can be found in the catalogs of Oxford University Press and Bčrben of Italy. He has two sons. He and his wife are certified foster parents for the state of Ohio.


“Your Lord’s Prayer moved me to tears.” – Fellow church member

“I love performing your solos. They are pleasantly challenging and highly rewarding in the end.” – Church soloist.

"Brett, your composition...let's just say I thought I was in the Austrian Alps, I could smell the mountain air...that second Shepherd the unexpected one, and truth? I teared up! It was beautiful. You are so so gifted."

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