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The WFM Collection's CD The Winds of Change The Winds of Change
Now Available as a Shippable CD!

This March compilation CD is all about the future – and the past. It’s about the many inevitable changes we all go through every day of our lives. Here are 14 songs that each dig down into the illusive concepts of the changing landscapes of our lives and illuminate them to our hearts and minds. Enjoy the exploration!

The WFM Collection's CD Songs of Thanksgiving Songs of Thanksgiving
Songs of Thanksgiving is a compilation CD not to be missed. It’s comprised of 10 gorgeous songs of gratitude from the best of the best of the Watchfire Music artists compiled with loving care by Creative Director, Peter Link.

The WFM Collection's CD Songs Of Renewal Songs Of Renewal
Now Available as a Shippable CD!

This one was especially fun to put together. What made the final cut were 12 songs that really form two halves of a beautiful concept CD. The first half is really about the various and multifarious facets of renewal that we experience in our lives every day. The second half of the CD we might call our Easter Suite.

The WFM Collection's CD Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Now Available as a Shippable CD!

Get your summer started on the right foot. Lay back, float, watch a cloud pass by, feel de breezes. Put on those headphones and feel the sun on your face. Let the music wash over you. It's the summer!

The WFM Collection's CD Songs of Love Songs of Love
Now Available as a Shippable CD!

February means Valentine’s Day which means love songs. And so how do we cover this huge topic -- physical love, spiritual love, Valentine love, familial love, love for The Master? The answer: All of the above. Why not a little something for everyone? After all, we all experience all of the above. So love it is – on an all-encompassing level. And interesting how so many of the songs’ lyrics can really take on a universal meaning and totally cover the bases. Take a chance and fall in love.

The WFM Collection's CD The 12 Songs Of Christmas The 12 Songs Of Christmas
Here are 12 Christmas songs guaranteed to bring joy and inspiration to your Holiday Season. Each performed by one of our favorite Watchfire Music Artists with loving care and in the spirit of this special time of year. They represent all the fine artists in our Holiday genre and there’s so much more there awaiting your listening ears and inquisitive minds. The songs also cover various styles from classical to pop and the birth of Jesus to ol’ St. Nick. A CD certainly for the whole family!

The WFM Collection's CD New Beginnings New Beginnings
Now Available as a Shippable CD!

From The Watchfire Music Collection, January's offering features a compilation CD of some of the best of our WFM piano instrumentalists. Here is music to get you started on the right foot both mentally and spiritually. Meditational, prayerful and soothing, yet inwardly energetic is the approach to this compilation CD.

The WFM Collection's CD Joy To The World Joy To The World
Watchfire Music brings you this special Holiday offering from the Watchfire Music Collection, a compilation of some of the best of Christmas that is sure to spark your memory, touch your heart and bring smiles to your life. 5 Bonus Tracks!




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