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Julia Wade's CD Duets – Woman 2 Woman Duets – Woman 2 Woman
Fun, thought provoking and definitely inspirational, here are 10 Duets sung by Julia and her wondrous band of super talented lady friends. Eavesdrop on scintillating musical conversations between wise women in the life of Julia Wade and explore subjects like passion, sisterhood, hunger, comedy, God, femininity, music, life and death. It’s a wide variety of women, so it’s also a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Classical Crossover to Rock-a-billy to Broadway and much that lies between. Julia handles them all with a magical voice and an open heart. Composed, Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link.

Julia Wade's CD ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Here is a Brad Ross (music) collaboration with poet, Clement Clarke Moore (lyrics) that spans the centuries. This famous poem has tantalized the imagination of both children and parents alike for over a century. It receives a lovely musical setting from Brad along with fellow contributor, orchestrator, Robert Elhai and Julia tops it off with a delightful telling through song of this age-old story.

Julia Wade's CD Wings Wings
This 3 Song CD presents three different studies of the search for inner peace. Contemplate with Julia through the silence of your being, the evolution of expanded thought and the flight of music. Produced and orchestrated by Peter Link, the EP album soars on the wings of your imagination.

Julia Wade's CD Deep Waters – Singles Deep Waters – Singles
This page contains singles only.

Julia Wade's CD Deep Waters Deep Waters
Deep Waters, an Inspirational Suite for orchestra and voice, produced and composed by Peter Link. It contains 3 songs and 4 instrumentals and is a gapless (music plays continuously) CD. This groundbreaking CD will also feature Digital Sheet Music prepared for church soloists world-wide. The song lyrics are from Psalms 130 & 107 and I Kings.

Julia Wade's CD Silk Road - Inspirational Journeys Across Planet Earth Silk Road - Inspirational Journeys Across Planet Earth
Silk Road marks Julia’s arrival at the threshold of a new evolution in her music. Her departure from her past carries forth her commitment to inspire through song, not only on a sacred level, but also with an in-depth look at the issues of our world at large and the individual human condition.

Julia Wade's CD Solos Solos
Julia Wade’s new CD, Solos, with lyrics from the prose writings of Mary Baker Eddy and music by Peter Link, is a ground-breaking 12-song recording of solos for church soloists and an international listening audience. This CD is a gift to the world-wide community of Inspirational seekers commemorating Julia Wade’s seven years as Soloist at the International Headquarters of the Christian Science church in Boston.

Julia Wade's CD Affirmations Affirmations
Affirmations is a 3-song CD EP of songs performed by Julia Wade and written, produced and orchestrated by Peter Link. All 3 songs were performed by Julia as Soloist at Sunday Services in 2011 at the International Headquarters of the Christian Science Church in Boston.

Julia Wade's CD Wonderful Wonderful
This Christmas song was written especially for Julia Wade by Peter Link. It was, in fact, her idea to put these two texts together as one lyric – texts from the book of John in the Bible and from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. The occasion is the Christmas day church services in Boston where Julia is soloist and performs it with harpist and keyboardist.

Julia Wade's CD Every Day Every Day
Every Day, is an 8 song CD that “…refers to the things I think about every day: the challenges, the prayers, and the victories – in my life, my community and my world. The songs explore not only the fears and limitations that confront us, but also the solutions that are available to us when we become still enough to hear them,” says Julia. Every Day includes but goes beyond sacred music in its reach, handling and embracing social and world issues as well.

Julia Wade's CD Julias Singles Julias Singles
Along the way Julia has recorded many beautiful songs that for one reason or another were not featured on her albums. In the interest of getting some of this wonderful work out there we have created Julia's Singles. You can buy individual titles or the entire group. Watch this space for more additions in the very near future.

Julia Wade's CD Mother's Evening Prayer -- Single Mother's Evening Prayer -- Single
Here's a beautiful new setting of the beloved poem "Mother's Evening Prayer" by Mary Baker Eddy. The music is composed by WFM Director Peter Link. Julia Wade brings to the song her childhood memories of mother and daughter, bedtime prayers and the gentle presence of God's "peace and joy and power".

Julia Wade's CD Custard The Dragon CD Custard The Dragon CD
Ogden Nash’s delightful classic children’s poem, Custard The Dragon, has been most cleverly set to music by NY composer, Brad Ross. It receives a smashing performance by vocalist, Julia Wade and is produced by Peter Link. With sparkling orchestration created by Carol Jay for full orchestra, this 7 minute romp through the amazing mind of humorist, Ogden Nash, is a delight for children of all ages and adults who still hold on to the child within.

Julia Wade's CD Custard The Dragon: Book and Companion CD Custard The Dragon: Book and Companion CD
Ogden Nash’s delightful classic children’s poem, Custard The Dragon, has been most cleverly set to music by NY and WFM composer, Brad Ross. The CD receives a smashing performance by vocalist, Julia Wade and is produced by Peter Link. The book, beautifully illustrated by Lynn Munsinger and published by Little, Brown And Company, has been a children's best seller for over a decade and completes a great gift item. Don’t let your child grow up without experiencing this classic tale.

Julia Wade's CD Alabado sea Dios Alabado sea Dios
Julia Wade's newest release, Alabado sea Dios, is a collection of gorgeously crafted sacred hispanic songs from around the world sung passionately in Spanish by Julia Wade.
En Español: Alabado sea Dios es una colección de canciones latinas de contenido espiritual de todo el mundo, espléndidamente compuestas, que Julia Wade canta con reverente pasión.

Julia Wade's CD Story For The Ages Story For The Ages
Story For The Ages is a timeless CD. Julia Wade's interpretation of these beautiful songs reflect upon the life, times, and teachings of Christ Jesus.

Julia Wade's CD Upon the Mountain Upon the Mountain
Upon The Mountain features twelve new inspirational songs sung impeccably by Julia Wade in a fusion of Pop, Classical and Folk textures that will appeal to and inspire all ages.




Julia Wade, described by Inside World Music as "the female equivalent of Josh Groban," is an Inspirational and Classical Crossover artist whose work spans diverse musical styles. She has performed nationally and internationally as a concert soloist, as well as in opera, cabaret and musical theatre, including The Rome Opera and Carnegie Hall.

In 2012, Julia completed a successful 7-year run as Soloist at the headquarters of a worldwide church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA.

Julia released her latest CD, SILK ROAD -- Inspirational Journeys Across Planet Earth. SILK ROAD marks a groundbreaking departure from the largely sacred collection of CDs that Julia has previously recorded. Having spent the last 8 years keenly focused on sacred music, Julia is now extending her horizons as an artist, reaching out with thought-provoking material that takes her present international audience on an expanded journey.

Currently, Julia is touring across Planet Earth with her concerts of the Silk Road songs and favorites from her other CDs. Defining her work, Julia says, "I sing evocative ideas, working to inspire change in the world and healing in individual lives."


"Julia Wade is the female equivalent of Josh Groban, but there are hints of early Charlotte Church, too. Julia knows how to evoke magic with her beautiful voice." 
-- Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

"Right to the heart. Just MASTERFUL musicianship. Refined. Pure. Magical." 
-- Julie Gold, Songwriter of From A Distance

"I fell in love with this album within seconds of hearing the tinkling music and the angel voice of Julia Wade in the glowing tribute to God of the title song ... Wade with her undeniable inspirational devotion is the perfect executioner. This is definitely an album you will want to hear EVERY DAY." 
 -- Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey, NYC

"[Come To Me As A Bird is] performed exquisitely by the wonderful Julia Wade, whose heartbreakingly crystalline soprano and soaring passion matches the purity of the song's spirit." 
-- Paul Zollo, Music Reviewer (Quote from AmericanSongwriter.com)

"Story For The Ages" is a musical rendition of the teachings of Christ from "The Coming" through the Resurrection. Soprano Julia Wade takes you on that inspirational journey with a voice so clear and pure there’s no room for doubt about her belief in the message and its source. -- Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey, NYC

"I have never in all my life heard a voice like yours and your husband and you should be nominated for a Grammy Award for the Best Spiritual CD of the next decade." 
-- Celine Rioux, Canada

"I think music is a universal language and Julia's 'Alabado sea Dios' speaks to me very deeply ... I received this CD [Alabado sea Dios] when my country Kenya was undergoing a very unharmonious and unhappy time. I believe her voice echoing over the seeming chaos has been, and continues to be a most healing effect to this city just as it has soothed and healed me... I would like to thank Julia again and again and again. Thanks. Asante sana Julia!! ;)" 
-- Joseph Kamenju, Kenya

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