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Jay & Tessa Frost's CD Piano on 24th Piano on 24th
Piano on 24th is an album of solo piano pieces, comprised of joyful, pure, inspirational compositions which segue into colorful tunes with flares of minor themes, flamenco, and rock piano. All songs are composed and performed by Jay Holcomb Frost – some just in time for the recording, others over 10 years ago. Piano on 24th was recorded by RHL Audio on Jay and Tessa’s Baldwin SF-10.

Jay & Tessa Frost's CD Save It for a Rainy Day Save It for a Rainy Day
Save It for a Rainy Day is an album comprised of twelve piano pieces composed and arranged by Jay Holcomb Frost and featuring guest instrumentalists on viola, cello, and guitar. Although exploring a range of tonalities and moods, the music is united by emotive chord progressions and splendid harmonic resolutions.

Jay & Tessa Frost's CD Soulshine Soulshine
Soulshine is the beautiful 2012 debut album of newcomers Jay and Tessa Frost. The collection of 9 original solos, including “Peace Like a River” and “The Shepherd’s Song”, moves and delights with sweet simplicity, easy exuberance, and spiritual strength. Bringing together Jay’s soulful piano and Tessa’s crystalline voice, Soulshine promises to be the first of many “must haves” by this up-and-coming singer/songwriter duo.


“I looked on the list of the Weekly Musicians to see who we had as performers and there was a new newlywed couple who were performing music that was just…beautiful. So I’d like to present to the stage Jay and Tessa Frost from Seattle, Washington. And I hope that when you hear their music, you catch a glimpse of the beauty of God.” – Nate Fredrick introducing Jay and Tessa at the first Weekly Musician Concert in Boston, MA.

“Wonderful! You two are quite the vibrant duo. Your very real energy is extremely fun and inspiring. It is SO AWESOME to hear you in my church each month. I am appreciative of your gracious humility and sweet friendliness. Thank you for sharing so freely.” – Susie Gill, Kent, WA.

Thank you for the comfort in your music. I think of Mary Baker Eddy’s hymns – Mother’s Evening Prayer, Shepherd Show Me, Brood O’er Us. There is something to be noticed there, and something to be recognized as invaluable right now in its immediacy and its universality. Messages of comfort, compassion, and Love. – Ryan Winslow, Boston, MA.

Inspired and inspiring! So lovely to hear all 3 of you sharing this with our wider church family. Your music always lifts my heart! – Anne Huckins, Kent, WA.

I love the CD and I can't wait to sing your lovely songs. Congratulations, you two! – Valerie White Williams, Seattle, WA.




Jay is forever on the lookout for a piano to play and Tessa has been singing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. 

The duo began performing together in 2009 as budding jazz musicians in Seattle, WA, and as church musicians for a number of Christian Science branch churches in the area. With Jay’s energetically soulful piano and Tessa’s pure voice and profound lyricism, the singer/songwriter duo is an easy favorite. Their first album, Soulshine, is a moving collection of original solos growing right out of spiritual inspiration and Scripture. Tessa and Jay have been featured as Weekly Musicians at time4thinkers.com, as well as performing in the Weekly Musician Concert - "Called to Music"- at The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts and the Annual Meeting of the Christian Science Church in June 2012.

Tessa E. B. Frost is a versatile singer with forays into folk, bluegrass, musical theater, opera, and jazz. She's performed as a soloist at various churches and venues in the United States, but got her solo start in La Musa Cafe in Cusco, Peru.  She is a natural performer with an easy way of singing from the heart. Her voice is pure and true, a window full of shimmering light.  Listen for a moment to hear the clear tone and soulful stylings of her musical influences: Melody Gardot, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Blossom Dearie, The Wailin' Jennys, and Joni Mitchell.

Jay Holcomb Frost is an inspirational music composer and jazz pianist. The piano/voice compositions that he writes with his wife are published here on Watchfire Music and have been performed in church services across the country. Jay’s jazz piano chops take him to corporate events, private parties, weddings, and restaurants across the DC area, and he can occasionally be found in community theater.

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