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Ode To Joy
Peter Link

This is not an album of songs, rather, a mostly instrumental series of impressions on the theme of joy. With each movement, I started with a loved melody from my life, stated it and then let the musings take it from there. Sometimes I even dropped the original theme after it had given me a start.

I mixed the musical styles of my life joyfully, not caring who I might offend, but just going with what I heard, drawing from the diverse musical styles of the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. My intention in the beginning was to create a purely instrumental album. That’s not the way it worked out. Along the way I kept finding things I wanted to say, and so I said them, or sang them, or had my friends sing them.

The experience of making this CD was one of the best of my life. I am ever grateful for the technological tools at my disposal – my computer and its constantly expanding software. I am ever grateful for the flip side, my talent, my connection with the Source of creativity, with the God given light of joy in my life. It is this light, this joy that I sing about, in all its ramifications. It is my Ode To Joy.

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01 Ode To Joy Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
02 Simple Gifts Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
03 Purpose Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
04 Anadori Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
05 Father Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
06 Rocky Road Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
07 This I Know Is True Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
08 Beneath Thy Sheltering Wing Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
09 How Great Thou Art Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
10 Ode To Joy Finale Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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This is definitely on my "must buy" list. The samples are just beautiful and so inspiring. Aaron Copland's music has always gotten to me, so I especially love the way Peter has worked with the tune, Simple Gifts. I also love Purpose, one of my favorite hymn tunes. I also love that he has put his voice to some of these selections and the voices of others; as he and many composers have discovered, the voice is a beautiful instrument, too. Thanks for sharing your gift of music. -- Bonnie Jean Wilson, St. Louis, Missouri

Wow, this album of joy is amazing! Such phenomenal instrumentation and very creative arrangements to some of our favorite melodies. I adore "Father" and the poignant expression of our plea to feel loved by God. Anadori is just wonderful and could be the soundtrack to an epic movie! My daughter's favorite is Rocky Road; what a happy expression of joy! Thank you for sharing your inspirations, Peter - they’re treasures! -- Debbie Bermel, Boston, MA

Peter, I’m so pleased that you have completed your own wonderful CD. The samples are beautiful. I hope you will consider doing something live in the upcoming New Year. It is my prayer that God greatly blesses this endeavor as well as the rest of the work that lives within you. You remain one of my favorite composers. -- Jenny Burton, New York, NY

I’ve listened to your Joyful work and it's a beautiful and a very personal Peter Link expression. Thank you for gifting yourself the time to self- express such a deep, personal and uplifting musical gift and for producing it. Love hearing your voice and of course Julia's among the others. Congratulations and gratitude to you and all that inspired you. -- Joan Spear, New Jersey

“Boy, [Ode To Joy] sure was worth waiting for!! My husband and I just finished listening to the whole "Ode to Joy". WOW, it's fantastic. What a wonderful musician/composer you are, Peter! I just love your work. And, of course, Julia's and all the others involved in making it one great CD! I just love "Anadori", especially remembering and re- reading the Sparks blog: Make those Mistakes. Also, "Rocky Road" and "This I know is True" just made me dance! "How Great Thou Art" and "Ode to Joy Finale" are majestic! I just love the whole thing. There is something in me that just loves the idea of mixing traditional CS hymnal favorites with different cultures of music and different styles of music... was that a little bit of heavy metal in the first "movement" of Ode to Joy? Much appreciation for all you all do!” –Jan Sweet, Sturbridge, MA

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