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Upon the Mountain
Julia Wade

Upon The Mountain features twelve new inspirational songs sung impeccably by Julia Wade in a fusion of Pop, Classical and Folk textures that will appeal to and inspire all ages. Produced in New York City by composer Peter Link, the CD soars with beautifully crafted melodies, soaring orchestral and chorale arrangements, and inspiring lyrics taken from the Bible.

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Track Name Listen To Sample View Lyrics Price Buy Song
01 Praise Ye The Lord Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
02 I Was There Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
03 A Hole In My Life Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
04 The Christ Lives On Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
05 Who Rolled The Stone Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
06 Where Were You Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
07 Isaiah 40 Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
08 Psalm Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
09 Gloria Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
10 Prodigal Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
11 Break Forth Into Joy Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
12 Upon The Mountain Listen to Sample View Lyrics $1.29
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Thank you so much for a gorgeous album. Upon the Mountain is transcendental, enchanting, exquisite! Julia your artistry, your voice, your diction, all wonderful. Peter, your compositions are beautiful, thought- provoking, inspiring. -- Karena Mendoza, Singer/Songwriter, Chicago, IL

You have brought much comfort to many thru this CD. -- Carley Stone, Westcliffe, CO

Well what a trip, folks! Stirring, exciting, evolved, crisp, elegant, Big-Thinking! -- Gordon Imrie, Hinsdale, IL

It all works: the wonderful lyrics, the rich, inspired singing, the supportive singers and certainly the spiritual, healing "spine" that unites all the elements so well. Congratulations. It took me a few times listening before I realized I'd never heard the lyrics... all original efforts. Wow. Excellent. I really enjoyed "Who Rolled the Stone" and was delighted that you included a Chinese violin in "Upon the Mountain." I first heard the violin years ago when I visited the Bejing Symphony during a rehearsal and love the mysterious quality of it… Thanks for giving the world such love and and joy! -- John Holmstrom, Hollywood, CA

My favorite song is "Who Rolled The Stone." -- Alex Guidos, age 9, New York, NY

I am writing to thank you and tell you how much I love your CD "Upon the Mountain." I can not listen to this music without crying tears of joy. I lost my daughter about three years ago and the words and the music bring me hope and expectation that I will see her again. That the Christ is with us and that we are all His children. I don't believe I have ever heard a piece of music that touched me so deeply. I know it took a lot to put something this magnificent together, but it must be a foretaste of heaven. Sincerely, Sarah O'Brien

I could listen to Julia all day! Her voice is both inspiring and soothing to listen to and she has a unique and beautiful expression when she sings. I highly recommend this album and her others. -- Sara Gray, San Carlos,California

Aside from the fact that her voice is lovely and the music is so good, Julia enunciates so that you can understand the words. That is something I can't seem to do when I listen to much of the current music. It seems as though most singers do not know how to sing so that you can understand them. On the other hand, perhaps they don't have much to say, so it really doesn't matter. I particularly liked "A Hole in My Life" and "Who Rolled the Stone." -- Arlene Stauder, St. Louis, MO

The songs are so inspiring and each word clearly defined. We love it all! -- Deendie and Ken Hack, Orinda, CA

The three CDs arrived today and I sat down immediately to listen and follow with the words to the most exquisite recording I have ever heard!… Words really fail me to tell you how moved I was. With Julia's beautiful voice and your background music it simply could not be improved upon. -- Kathy Allison, Houston, TX
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