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My Joy
Amy Duncan

“My Joy,” Amy Duncan’s first CD with her band Brass Tacks, is full of surprises. More than a jazz group, this 10-piece brass-heavy ensemble (which includes two euphoniums and a tuba as well as trombones and trumpets), also explores Brazilian and Middle Eastern themes as well as funk, with a bit of free jazz thrown in for good measure. The opener, “Passarinho do Mato” is a jazz samba featuring a smashing solo by trumpeter Jessé Sadoc, and the other pieces range from the tongue-in- cheek “Roach Motel” to the quirky tribute to Thelonius Monk, “Monk Creeps In” to the tranquil bossa nova “Bossa for Borodin.”

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01 Passarinho do Mato Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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03 Its Just Impossible Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
04 Roach Motel Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
05 Bossa For Borodin Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
06 Native American Bop Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
07 My Joy Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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10 Cosmic Puzzle Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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"The Brass Tacks recording, with ten compositions and arrangements by its leader, is one of the most pleasant surprises to appear in Brazil in the area of jazz during recent years." - Luiz Orlando Carneiro - Jornal do Brasil

“Here’s wishing you more inspiration! Your work is wonderful! I listen to it while I’m working, and it has become part of the sound track for my paintings!” - Mauro Tambeiro, painter specializing in jazz scenes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Roach Motel is awesome! Here's some of the dialogue going on in my mind as I listened: That's a cool motif...wow....Ah Roaches!! I see roaches scurrying 'round my basement apt. back in Miami Beach as I turned on the kitchen light in the middle of the night!! AAHHHHHHHH!!! Too many to try and step on them, Who am I listening to? Zawinul. That's Joe Zawinul. Weather Report. Awesome Joe!!! No wait that's Amy....!! Amy is baaaaad!!! What was she thinking when she wrote this piece??? That's just pure inspiration from the cosmos. That song is literally a trip! Brilliant!” - Alan Brian Curtis, guitarist, composer, Kaimuki, Oahu

“With Amy’s music, it’s not hard to explain why I’m so captivated by it. She has brought together two different worlds—jazz and samba—with magical chemistry. She is the outgrowth of the unique experience of her life...with a superb talent.” - Antonio Almeida, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

“I LOVE your CD and am so impressed you could run off to South America and put together a re-creation of your New York band. I bet if you moved to Alaska you could get a bunch of Eskimos and polar bears together and do the same thing—or Hawaii and get natives and dolphins and sea turtles to do it there.” - Joan Hill, pianist, composer, tap dancer, Berklee, CA

“Cosmic Puzzle is such a fun composition, so many pieces that would individually travel somewhere on their own at different times, but each would come home to the family harmony for a few bars. The puzzle pieces all fit together.” - Linda Hosseinmardi, Round Rock, Texas

“From the first four bars, it was a terrific experience to hear Amy’s compositions reconstituted with the Brazilian Brass Tacks instrumentalists. I sat back with a great cup of coffee and savored every note. I heard her band perform many times in New York, so I can compare—I swear, the Rio bunch seem to swing it a little heavier with that Brazilian thing. What an accomplishment!” – Vivian Warfield, percussionist - Queens, NY

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