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Late Harvest

Late Harvest and its central song, the enchanting "Dolce " are based on centuries-old European folklore.

Serah explains, "A vineyard owner returned from defending his ideals very late in the summer, after the harvesting season, to discover that the people who helped him harvest in previous years had waited for him. The grapes hadn't spoiled yet, but were extremely sweet. The wine that was made from them was called “late harvest” wine, a dessert wine. I don't know a lot about wine, because I don’t drink, but I love the metaphor of transformation.”

Authentic in all aspects of her life, Serah truly brings the world to world music.

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01 I Think I Know Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
02 Stand by Me Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
03 Psalm Song Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
04 Sailing Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
05 Joined at the Wing Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
06 Pieces of Dreams Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
07 Crazy Love Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
08 Catching Fireflies Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
09 Inner Voice Dialogues Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
10 Dolce Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
11 Will You Still Love Me Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
12 Forgive the Moon Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
13 Breathing Desert Air Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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“Ever had a profound spiritual awakening from hearing a song? I’ve had several, but a Serah song was the channel that delivered one of the most meaningful ones for me, placing her music in a very special “heart” category. Her singing is angelic, and her style is instantly recognizable. She is to Africa what Enya is to Ireland, incorporating cultural elements into her completely individual vocal style in a way that lifts the heart with its inspirational messages while the beautiful way it is delivered touches the soul. In Late Harvest , Serah refines her unique sound even further as she delivers lyrics that call to loving hearts around the world to awaken to their true nature. This release also gives listeners new covers of several favorites, among which I was delighted to find [Ben E. King’s] “Stand By Me,” Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” and Christopher Cross’s “Sailing.” A seamless blend of Western and African musical elements, heart touching lyrics and beautifully uplifting vocals, Serah’s Late Harvest brought tears to my eyes and easily receives my highest recommendation to all.” -- Rev. Robert Walmsley, Musical Soundscapes, Omega Directory, September 2003

“If you enjoy Adult Contemporary music then I would suggest you explore Serah's elegance. She is refined, highly spiritual, and offers the listener an invitation to a peaceful journey touching on many human emotions by way of some beautiful thought. The slight gruff edge of her vocal, coupled with soft acoustic accents have an almost tropical scent-uality to them in certain areas. Late Harvest contains nine original compositions, plus gentle interpretations of four classic tunes.” -- Sound off! by A V E N E S C E N T Lightworker

“Fans of later-era Joni Mitchell and Sting will likely appreciate Serah’s Late Harvest. Drawing from smooth-jazz, folk, and African influences, Serah and her well-versed musicians (from the bands of Mitchell, Sting, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, and others) offer a pleasing selection of covers and original pieces. One of the most notable elements of Late Harvest is its very natural incorporation of African harmonies. Serah’s musical partnership with Senegalese vocalist Wasis Diop is rewarded on this album, as his voice and others form their own instrumentation. The partnership especially benefits “Joined at the Wing” and “Forgive the Moon.” The covers of “Stand By Me,” “Sailing,” “Crazy Love,” and “Will You (Still) Love Me Tomorrow?” offer familiar tunes that will appeal to customers who remember the songs’ earlier incarnations.” - - Mara Applebaum, Sounds From the Ground Up, New Age Retailer

“It is a privilege for me to review music that encourages the soul. Music can instantly transport us beyond space and time, into a state of just Being. I truly admire someone who can accomplish this feat. Serah is a true artist in terms of vocal ability and songwriting. Her nine original compositions are spiritually powerful and soothing. Inclusive of all beliefs and cultures, her music takes you beyond your own backyard and journeys you into the world of all.
Her songwriting seems to come from a place of experiencing life in many forms, from urban to rural, Africa to France.
Late Harvest is Serah’s 7th album. The title comes from the belief that “sometimes the late harvest, or one of the later seasons in one’s life, turns out to be the sweetest and most meaningful”. Included among the originals, are 4 classic tunes that Serah breathes new and unique life into. She has an original voice and an original style that once heard, is recognized instantly. This CD will always be within grasp.” -- Angela Hutchinson, Spirit-Works

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