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Jenny Burton

A retrospective of the un-released works of Jenny Burton from the late 80s and early 90s. Music and lyrics by Peter Link. Some of Ms Burton’s best work finally available and re-mastered.

Before The Jenny Burton Experience was a reality, Jenny Burton was a constant Top 10 Dance Music artist with Atlantic Records. "One More Shot", "I Remember What You Like" and "Bad Habits" were three of her #1 hits on the Billboard Dance charts. Knowing that her talents went far beyond the dance music genre, I began to write and produce records for Jenny that would encourage Atlantic Records to break her out of Dance Music into a more Pop mainstream. For various reasons too puzzling to mention, these songs were never released. They sat upon the proverbial shelf for all these years.

As an additional bonus, we’ve added to this core group of songs one of the most popular songs ever performed by The Jenny Burton Experience. "South Africa" was performed to standing ovations for several years, but never recorded. We went into the studio recently with several members of JBX and recorded it especially for this CD.

Now, looking back, both Jenny and I realize that it was some of the best work of her career. You’ll find her here in great voice, at the top of her game and knockin’ down the walls with her inimitable style of R&B/Pop. This music deserves to be heard and enjoyed. Its time is now. The songs are re-mastered and finally… Released!
- Peter Link, Producer and Composer

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This fifteen page booklet presents all of Jenny’s CD graphics, lyrics, and more.

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Track Name Listen To Sample View Lyrics Price Buy Song
01 Just Like Katharine Hepburn Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
02 You Knock Me Off My Feet Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
03 Turn Around Time Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
04 South Africa Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
05 Even Still Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
06 Baby Come Back Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
07 Wasn't It Good For You Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
08 Indiscreet Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
09 So It Begins Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
10 I Wanna Stay Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
11 There Is You Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
12 Time And Time Again Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
13 You're Leaving Me Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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"Released" Review from Laurie Lawson of electroniclink.com

”If my car CD player could speak, it would be saying “Hallelujah!” For a decade I have been playing The Jenny Burton Experience. Five-hour rides to Maryland, short jaunts to Jersey, trips to the carwash – me and Jenny and the gang can be found singing. Well, we are still going to be harmonizing but I have a whole bunch of new songs to learn. RELEASED is Jenny Burton’s newest musical venture, and it adds up to all expectations of this versatile and compelling singer. And the icing on this melodious cake would be that all music and lyrics are by the masterful Peter Link.

Compiled of songs sung throughout her career but never released, as usual Burton and Link take you through the gamut of emotions. You’ll be dancing in your seat with the rollicking “Just Like Katherine Hepburn,” shouting “Amen” at “You Knock Me Off My Feet,” wiping away tears through the haunting “So It Begins,” and looking for a country that needs an anthem with “Time And Time Again.” The bonus song (there’s always one that totally defies explanation) is “South Africa,” an exquisite blend of rhythms, chants, and the multi-octave expression of Burton. Rich of voice, spirit, and emotion, a Jenny Burton album is a holy experience. So powerful it was ready to explode, thank heavens this one was RELEASED.

-- Laurie Lawson, electroniclink.com

=======Customer Reviews=======

"Once again you [Peter] & Jenny made magic together. I have so many favorites I can't list them all. However, the lyrics, music, & vocals to "There is You" stole my heart." -Wanda Peters, NYC

"[I] wanted you to know how much I love your new CD... I loved each and every bit of it. I would also like to express my appreciation for Peter Link, and his phenomenal ability as a composer of music and lyrics; a magnificent achievement in your collaboration..." -Nettie, NYC

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