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I Think On These Things
Jenny Burton

I Think On These Things is Jenny's first solo album in several years. After more than a phenomenal ten year run with The Jenny Burton Experience, she decided it was time to concentrate on her solo career for a while.

"An imposing figure, an impressive singer, and a commanding presence," declares Back Stage of vocalist Jenny Burton. As a solo artist on Atlantic Records, her contributions to the motion picture soundtrack of Beatstreet brought Jenny her first gold album. She recorded her first solo LP "In Black And White" which included the hit single "I Remember What You Like" - Billboard's top 10 Dance, top 20 R&B and Hot 100 pop charts. Her second album, Jenny Burton, contained her third national #1 dance hit - "Bad Habits." Her second gold album was White Nights, starring Gregory Hines and Mikail Baryshnikov.

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Track Name Listen To Sample View Lyrics Price Buy Song
01 I Stand For You Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
02 Even Me Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
03 You Bring Me Joy Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
04 Faith Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
05 We Will Understand It Better Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
06 Turn Turn Turn Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
07 I Think On These Things Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
08 Cathedral Of The Heart Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
09 Were You There Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
10 God's Got ĎCha In Mind Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
11 Grateful Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
12 Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
13 It's All About Love Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
14 Touch This Heart Of Mine Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
15 Battle Hymn Of The Republic Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
16 Lift Up Your Eyes Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
17 In The Garden Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
18 Just Got to Sing Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
19 Sweet Sweet Spirit Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
20 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Listen to Sample View Lyrics $0.99
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"I Think On These Things" Review from Laurie Lawson of electroniclink.com

Christmas came early this year. Award-winning JENNY BURTON has released a long-awaited solo album. "I Think On These Things..." is a delightful combination of gospel, blues, and rock infused with "Jenny Burtonisms" and touched by the musical genius of composer/producer Peter Link. The new music, mostly penned by Link, is smart, sassy and soul- stirring while traditional hymns magically interlace generations of musical celebration. Youíll hear Nigerian chants in the background of "You Bring Me Joy" and the chorus of "Faith" should become a national anthem. And wait until you hear what Link has done with Peter Seegarís music in Burtonís rendition of "Turn, Turn, Turn!" Additional music and lyrics by Link and guest solos by John James and Billy Cliff easily make "Heís Got The Whole World In His Hands" worth the price of the album. Truly magical! Fans of Jenny Burton are already on their way to pick up this musical treasure. If you havenít had the pleasure of experiencing Ms. Burton, "I Think Of These Things..." is a perfect introduction. Itís an album of jubilation and an ideal gift for anyone who needs a little uplifting.
-- Laurie Lawson, electroniclink.com

=======Customer Reviews=======

"I Think On These Things" is a marvelous work... Praise the Lord...! Your newest release, I think On TheseThings is slammin'! I can't get enough of Turn Turn Turn. Upon listening to the album for the first time, I fastened my seat belt. This is a normal precaution, when preparing for a sky ride! I have learned to do this, anytime Jenny and Peter Link finishes up in the studio. (this "ainít" my first time you know) Needless to say, preparations made, were to no avail. I couldn't help but get up out of my seat, as I rocked to, "God's Got íCha In Mind" "Turn Turn Turn" & "Touch This Heart Of Mine." I was completely out of control, and was loving every minute of it. Moreover, when I heard, "It's All About Love," it caused tears to stream down my face. Joyful, wonderful tears, once shed; they should never be wiped or washed away... (beautiful ballads often make me do that) The vocals in combination with the musical arrangements, are phenomenal. Loaded with encouragement, hope, and most important; the Spirit of the true & living God, this album is a "must have" for Jenny Burton fans, and a "I gotta get it" for everyone else. It is an absolute treasure to be added as part of any music collection. Jenny Burton is unmistakeably, beyond all reasonable doubt, no question; Jenny Burton is back!!! -- Wanda D. Peters, New York

"Thanks for sharing the news with us. Of course I went to the website and listened to as many of your songs as I could in one sitting. You are blessed with a beautiful voice. I loved the Christmas album and would like to hear more about the composer. My mother-in-law's favorite hymn was "In the Garden", which you do so well. We sang it at her memorial service. One of my favorites is the Battle Hymn of the republic; your rendition is wonderful." - - Edward Pazicky, NYC

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